How to Rank Number One on Google?

How to rank 1 on google
Do you want to discover how to rank number one on Google for your keywords? Step 1, Right?

If you are new to search engine optimization, the concept of using “3rd person language” may be foreign to you. However, 3rd person language can be just as important as using “1st person language” such as “I” or “the”. Understanding the difference between these 2 different types of language can help you to rank your website highly.

“3rd person language” refers to the actual commands that you as a webmaster, or SEO professional, issue to search engines in hope that they will rank your web site highly. This process is known as “site submission”. There are countless places you can submit your web site to. Some of these include - County, Statewide), Category), Only in the United States),, news optimization (heads up display), World Wide Web), again (OR within the United States only),http://www.ny daily news (3rd generation),http://www. world wide8000 (PerWebL)

Some search engines rank websites by how many links are referenced from other websites. However, regardless of how many links are referenced, if the links are of high quality – and usually of higher quality than the web sites which are referenced in the search results, that only helps search engine rankings.

“1st person language” refers to the apparent focus on the website visitor. It almost always deals with selling – or trying to sell. In the field of sales, this is known as “call to action”. The 1st person language is easier to sell to, and often does not require the visitor to read any print. This allows you to tell the visitor what to do next – tell them to click on a link, call you, etc. While it is important to write copy that attracts the right traffic – that traffic is not interested in your website if you do not give them what they are looking for. This requires that you do your research and map out how to do your own advertising. If you are starting an online business, geo-targeting your message is almost as important as advertising, and it greatly increases your potential return on investment.

Seo tips to rank

Many search engines are trying to improve their algorithms that rate and rank web sites. currently, under the algorithms study, is the focus of several search engines. Under the current focus, has anyone out-of-line red the search engines by making a deal of trades know how to communicate?

No one knows that much about search engines – their history, how they work, & their fundamental rules. Everyone knows that Google is the best – it’s the only engine that is on the gain for both large and small. They will tell you they are out to put money in the bonnet (your wallets!) of anyone who sends money – and they should be, given their track record. However, do they live up to this guarantee?

Some time ago, I received an email from someone who was claiming to get 1st page Google ranking for $19.95. I don`t respond to such emails. After analyzing the claims there was no way that was going to work. First off, Google doesn’t favor automated link requestors. Second, once you submit a request, there is no guarantee that Google will include you. Instead, they tell you they will review your site – and possibly send back a details report, telling how Google has “freed the spam flow of your URLs”.

In fact, Google tells you that it ” pays less attention to the Meta tags than to the content of the document. We can’t control how other sites link to you, nor can we expect other sites to link to you who don`t like the content of your site. Nevertheless, Google will try to make sure that you have as many sites linking to you as possible.”

If you ever pay someone to optimize your website, there is no way to guarantee that this will work. Furthermore, if you decide to optimize your site yourself, there is even no guarantee that you will be successful.

Search engines are huge driving forces on the Internet. They depend on new, constantly updated information to keep their results relevant and useful. The one constant that has survived despite these billions of changes to the web is relevance. peoples searches, and the web returns the most relevant result.

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