How to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking?

Tips to rank your website

There is much speculation in the Webmaster Sphere about the expected impact of the recent upgrade to the Google Hummingbird search engine algorithm on the Internet as a whole and webmasters who have begun too goodly their SEO efforts will find themselves in a better position to take advantage of this new search framework in the near future. Of course, there is much speculation that what is likely to happen in the future rests largely within the control of the Google Search team. The CEO Play store, the search engine company in question, has interacts with very few webmasters directly.

What webmasters do speak to them directly are believed to be the people in the marketing divisions of the company; at the product level. Google has made it clear that a new algorithm will make the decisions about what to rank for based on more than the rankings from a month ago. You see, this move will affect developers in a major way. If you’re working towards a better position through natural organic search methods, you might see little to no improvement, if any, on your results based on the recent algorithm.

how to rank my website

For the time being, we will have to wait and see how this new algorithm affects the search results, and what it does to particular search queries. But doing our bit for the better as webmasters, web owners, and concerned citizens, the future of online search is communities and discussions rather than results. Here are a few tactics you should be keeping in mind for the near future:

Build a community – based network – the most important key to building SEO success for any ranking body. The days of keyword stuffing and no content description tags are over. Open-ended, meaningful search engines are here to stay, no matter what the next Google algorithm throws at it. Be sure to take advantage of these search engines power by creating a open and honest online community in which users can create content and communicate with one another. Once you’ve become a developer of content, the path to better search engine rankings will be clear

Analyze the community and attract the right members to the community – you may want to consider actually getting involved as a user in your online community. Building community sites is always the best kind of content for getting people to link to you, and link building is the single most valuable resource any site can offer. Doing this will help you to rank your site locally, nationally, and globally, and seek out the social media power of open online communities such as throughout the web. These communities are not inexpensive to start and maintain and online communities are excellent tools for attracting large numbers of visitors.

Maximize your web presence through blogs and article submission – allowing users to easily find your content, and ideally get connected to your site through blogs and article submission, is a great way to gain web presence and traffic. You will keep traffic coming back once you have established a certain level of authority with search engines via unique content.

Make use of special tools and resources to help your community as well as yourself – Web2.0 tools, forums, and online communities are excellent ways to combine useful content with that great all-time favorite expression, “I love it”. These resources will help you and your content and are going to provide an even more valuable, targeted audience with more and more opportunities to share your web content with the rest of the world.

Track your traffic – no matter what type of online resource you assemble and how you are building it, tracking your traffic volumes and how this changes as you publish new pages is essential. You can use a tool like Google Analytics to track traffic sources, and determine which sources are sending you the most traffic. Keyword tracking into AdWords is an additional more measurement tool at your disposal that will help you to measure the success of your content based sales campaigns.

The next time you start blogging or submitting content it is a good idea to confidently predict that your Google ranking will rise, mainly as a result of the improved online community building process. Although the changes may seem minimal at first, the results will be tremendous. If web users are connected, they will find you. Your ability to connect with them, to help them build a community around your product or service, and to truly drive up your rank that is the best reward any business can ever give. As a result of this increased traffic, business will rise, and so will your SEO rankings.

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